Waylay Engine, Part 2: Bayesian inference-based programming using smart agents

Unparalleled features for the entire automation lifecycle

The Waylay platform provides advanced automation software for building, executing and maintaining automation logic for IoT use cases.


  • Graphical interface + JSON REST interface
  • Simulation lab with extensive debugging features
  • Replay historical data in batch


  • Save rules as generic templates
  • Run rules by instantiating templates as tasks
  • Associate a task to a device type of group of devices


  • Detailed per-device diagnostics
  • Live task monitoring
  • Bulk upgrades on running tasks

A special kind of rules engine

The Waylay rules engine lies at the core of the Waylay Automation Platform. It is an intelligent bayesian inference engine that uses Smart Agents to model rules.

The Agents separate the business logic from sensing and actuation, making it easy for users to model any IoT business logic without writing custom code.

Key features for business analysts

Used by domain experts to manage use-case-specific business rule logic.

Key features for developers

Used by software engineers as a back-end dev tool to create robust IoT applications.

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