1. About the customer

One of the largest European water utility companies has been in the business of providing water to their customers for more than 140 years. They are an expert in water infrastructure: the collection and reuse of rainwater and wastewater and water heating networks. The company is committed to sustainability, innovation. It values simplicity of use for its customers.

2. The business need

The water utility company has always aimed at serving their customers better and more efficiently through new technologies. In 2003, the water utility company introduced mechanical meters to be able to only charge customers for the water they consume, as opposed to the lump sum system practiced at that time. In 2015, driven by the vision of further improving their customers’ experience, they initiated an ambitious project to replace the traditional mechanical meters with new smart digital meters.

The water utility company uses smart meters, that send real-time data over a Sigfox network to a back-end IoT platform. As this data wasn’t readily available to end users, the water utility company was looking at ways to actually use the data and to provide added-value to their customers.

Water Utility company working with Waylay System Architecture Overview
System Architecture Overview

3. The solution

Waylay was working with the water utility company right from the beginning of their connected meters project, providing project guidance based on previously gathered experience in similar projects. 

The project started with a small trial, continued with a bigger and successful pilot and has been brought successfully to production stage, supporting 400,000 smart meters, with a plan to upgrade an additional 200,000 meters to digitally connected meters over the next four years.

Customer portal with individual water consumption overview
Customer portal with individual water consumption overview

4. Benefits

The Waylay platform aggregates IoT data, contextualises it, processes, analyses and displays it in a user-friendly consumer portal, in order to empower the water utility company’s customers to: 

The Waylay platform combines meter data from the smart meter platform with customer data from the water utility company’s ERP system to provide a custom view for their customers. Contact us at to learn more about your potential savings and to get a product demonstration.

About the author

Joshua Scharnweber works at Waylay as a Sales Engineer. He is passionate about applying the latest IoT technology to real world customer problems. Following his Chemical Engineering studies at The University of Edinburgh, he also worked on processing industry / plant automation at B.Braun Melsungen and Konica Minolta.

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